Our Services

Sales Representative

We offer you the representative service you deserve in collaboration with our suppliers. Our experienced representatives regularly attend training courses to be able to meet your demands and target your real needs, moreover we are committed to respond to your requests as soon as possible and to offer you an incomparable service. Our role is to act on your behalf at the partner manufacturers to follow the evolution of your demands and vice versa.

Warehouse Management

For a tracking-free service and to increase the speed of deliveries, we are able to store and manage the inventories of our partner suppliers. Our warehouse of 12500 pc offers the space necessary for the storage of products and reduces the delivery times thanks to an efficient management in real time of our shipping service that ensures the proper functioning of the logistics of your shipments.

Product Training

In collaboration with our partner suppliers, Training sessions are offered through our on-road product representatives represented by Action Marketing to maximize your sales team knowledge and maximize your customer service. For our part, all our employees receive the same product training to offer exceptional technical support.

Representation Services

Since 1997 our experimental sales team is at the service of the manufacturer in the field of industrial and rental distribution, our great flexibility allows us to represent you in the great territory of Eastern Canada. All coordinated by technological means, we implemented a Contact Management System (CRM) all connected to a state-of-the-art IP telephony system that allows us to target calls and make our follow-up and return calls, Performance Manager Inventory Management (ERP) that allows us to track inventory in real time and respond promptly to requests.