The World Leader in Air Conditioning

Pinnacle Climate Technologies provides cost-effective solutions for the commercial, industrial, rental and other sectors. We allow you to work in winter and summer and to be comfortable in the heat waves and productive when the environment is not willing to cooperate.

With global manufacturing and supply capacity, we have a diverse customer base in more than 25 countries. With brands such as Master®, Schaefer® and Americ® Pinnacle Climate Technologies is positioning itself as the world leader in heating, cooling and ventilation products.

Introducing the Pinnacle family

When a life is at stake, you need a top-notch fan. Americ confined space fans set the standard for safe and reliable ventilation in any confined space.

Schaefer is an American company, with our main production site in the heart of Minnesota, most of the Schaefer brand products are manufactured and assembled in the United States with the legendary quality unique to Shaefer.

Today, Master continues to be the leader in kerosene heaters, pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. With such a wide range of products available, Master offers efficient methods for controlling the industrial climate throughout the year.

Recognized and Reliable Worldwide