Our real value is measured by the lasting impact of the relationships we build.

From humble beginnings, Our Roots stretched to 1937 when Roy Richards, a recent graduate of Geor-gia Tech, launched a business to erect power poles. On March 23, 1950, Richards founded Southwire with three used machines and 12 employees. Today, Southwire’s reputation for quality and service continues to grow, with nearly 8,000 employees worldwide.

Entrepreneurs who use Southwire products have learned to recognize Southwire for its high-quality products, innovation and reliability, performance brings confidence in our products. They know that we are here to endure and listen to their concerns and meet their needs for years to come.

Construction Electrical Products (CEP) is an industry leader in the manufacture of temporary power distribution and portable lighting, serving the construction and rental markets for over 40 years. CEP is also an importer and assembler of a wide variety of specialized electrical products such as: extension cords, light cords, temporary distribution box and lighting devices. The wide range of CEP products allows our distributors to meet your electrical needs from the beginning to the end of your work.

While Sumner is recognized as the leader in pipe handling equipment, our product line also includes equipment for a wide variety of applications that meets the needs of contractors. All Sumner products are built with the principle of providing reliable tools and at a good price.

Wobblelight Construction Lighting With its rugged, impact-resistant housing and many other features, each Wobblelight provides high-efficiency lighting in an easily transportable package and straightens itself.