Light Equipment For Construction And Demolition

At Atlas Copco, we have the know-how in building equipment design. Smart equipment allows you to do more in less time, and for many years!

Our Products and Services

At Atlas Copco, we have the know-how in building equipment design.

Less Dust

Demolition is an unpleasant task and thanks to the dust collector, the operator is protected against harmful dust. Atlas Copco’s pneumatic dust collectors use vacuum technology to efficiently remove dust directly at the source and keep the dust level below the allowable exposure limit. They operate both indoors and outdoors and do not require power, just a com-primed source of air.


Thanks to pneumatic hammers that minimize vibration and noise, you are able to work safely for many years.

Vibration Damping

Try our HAPS-compatible equipment and you’ll see the difference. HAPS stands for “Hand and Arm Protection System”, an innovation that minimizes the impact of vibration on the operator. With a portable HAPS-compatible tool, you can work up to 6 times longer every day. Imagine what you can do with all this time…

Durable Quality

Issue of precision engineering design of materials of the highest quality and engines of modern manufacture. The low fuel consumption reduces polluting emissions, Atlas Copco stands out from the competition with it’s innovation. In the case of hand-held tools, fewer parts means less breakage, lower maintenance costs, and a higher resale value.