Our Suppliers

Founded by Walter Knepper 35 years ago, DRILTEC has built a solid reputation in the industry for its exceptional quality products.

With non-motorized tools and accessories for gardening, construction and snow removal, Garant has been the leader for generations.

It is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of diamond tools and equipment with the widest choice of diamond blades and drill bits.

Light equipment for construction and demolition. Smart equipment allows you to do more in less time for many years

As the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment, we understand that our commercial customers have their own cleaning tasks.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies provides heating, cooling and ventilation solutions in a multitude of industries and on all continents.

Southwire sets the industry standard when it comes to providing reliable ventilation in any type of work environment, whether confined or large spaces.

Master Lock is the name recognized worldwide as authentic and durable locks and safety products.

Rolair sets the industry standard for providing reliable ventilation in confined space work environments. Don’t take any chances!

Since 1960, METALTECH has developed, manufactured and sold a wide range of safe, reliable and innovative products.