Tools That Make Your Life Easier

With non-motorized tools and accessories for gardening, construction and snow removal, Garant has been the leader for generations.

Tools as strong as you

Since 1895, Garant has been developing tools with cutting-edge designs and made of quality materials to meet the needs of construction, forestry and other skilled trades professionals. Today, we are still obsessed with the need to create the best products on the market. Garant Pro tools are the result of hard work in research and development, we are always looking to offer sustainable tools that are efficient and safe.

We make it easy for you

Garant Gardening tools and construction tools Garant is more than 120 years of know-how. Our reputation is well established, Garant tools are of exceptional quality and their design is always adapted to the new requirements of homeowners and professionals in agriculture, construction and many other skilled trades. At home, the needs of the consumer are our primary concern and we are constantly perfecting our tools to improve their experience. The result? Tools that facilitate outdoor work and make their owners happy. Our brand promise is essential. It refers to how we are and do: Every day, create the best tools to make things easier.

Made To Last

If the tools break, the work stops. We put a lot of effort to ensure that our tools meet your expectations for a long time. That’s why professionals have always trusted Garant tools to do their daily work efficiently. We are very proud to preserve the legacy of Garant’s founders by continuing to create quality tools.