For all that you need to be protected

Over the years, our products have brought peace of mind and protection to individuals, businesses and communities around the world.

Protection of trust

Padlocks for professional use

Master Lock knows his business. With 100 years of experience in protecting factories, stores, construction sites and other facilities, we specialize in protecting your business and personal property, employees or customers. Whether you need traditional key locks or combination locks, more advanced access management and tracking, we’re here for you.

Bluetooth and electronic locks

Secure your home or business with the latest Bluetooth locking technology from Master Lock. These locks resist physical attacks and hacking, protecting your property with military-grade encryption and high-security features. Never worry about losing your keys or forgetting a combination again.

The right safety lock lock

Security lock locks must meet all five industry requirements related to personal safety. We offer products that meet the CSA standard.